How I managed to fit my life into a backpack

Packing for travelling was never going to be easy for someone who is obsessed with clothes. It’s taken me a good few tries and a newly bought larger hand luggage bag to get everything in, but now I’ve finally managed it, I thought I would share my tips on how I did it for anyone else who has a huge amount of clothes and finds it hard to choose between them/ends up sitting on their backpack trying to crush it down like I did.

1. Buy travel pouches

I can’t recommend these enough! You can get a set on Amazon for between £5 – £10 and they are so worth it. I’ve split my tops/bikinis etc all into their own pouch so they are easy to find when I get there – so much easier than having to tip your whole backpack upside down every time you need to find something! These would be perfect for festivals too 🙂


2. Pack a long time in advance

It’s best to get everything out and ready to pack around a week in advance, as then you have a chance to see if there is anything missing that you haven’t bought!

3. Always have a list to refer back to

I am such a list freak, I wrote a list of everything I wanted to pack about a month in advance and then just kept adding to it whenever I randomly thought of more things I needed to take.

4. Pack mini toiletries

Toiletries take up a lot of room, so I’ve only packed minis and will get the rest when I’m there.

5. Roll everything up as small as you can

I have never done this before but my friend came round and helped me pack and it really works!

If all else fails, ask your boyfriend/travel partner if they have any room to spare in their bag 😉

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