Melbourne and The Great Ocean Road

Our East coast of Australia trip is well and truly underway! We landed in Melbourne at 9am Friday morning, although we didn’t really make much of our first day as we were so jet lagged we fell asleep in the sunshine on the grass outside Federation Square, and then went back to our hostel room and slept from 2:30pm-7pm!

We then got ready and went out in the city centre in search of delicious food and a few drinks. We weren’t short of options, Melbourne city centre is thriving with amazing restaurants (lots of them serving healthy, good food) and busy, cosmopolitan bars. It’s easy to see why so many brits move to Melbourne, being there on a Friday night the city was alive and it was a really fun place to be. Lots of the best restaurants which we tried to go to were saying it would be a 2 hour wait, so bear this in mind if you are ever planning to eat out in Melbourne city centre on a Friday or Saturday night! We found an amazing Thai restaurant in the end called Jing Jai Thai, it was very cheap (15 dollars each), and one of the best Thai curries we have ever had!

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The next day we got up and went for a walk around the centre and down all the small walkways to admire the street art. Some of our favourites are below!

We then set out through residential areas (lots of which reminded us of Neighbours) to pick up our camper van. Once we had it, we decided to drive down to the seaside town of St. Kilda, which we loved. With rides and a long stretch of busy beach, St.Kilda has a seaside town buzz about it, as well as beautiful scenery. We laid by the beach, and then took a stroll along the pier in search of penguins which we were told hide under the rocks by the pier. We did see two, but they were so hidden under the rocks that I couldn’t get a good picture :(. This was however at around 5pm, I was told you are more likely to see the penguins moving around at dusk – and the start of our Great ocean road trip was beckoning.

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To anyone who is planning to do to Great Ocean road, be prepared for a LONG drive from the Melbourne area. We didn’t quite realise how long it is, and having left St Kilda at 5pm we eventually arrived at the start of the Great ocean road in the dark at around 9pm, we couldn’t find any campsites so we ended up camping by the beach, which wasn’t the best for a good night’s sleep as the waves were crashing loudly all night, but it was a great feeling to wake up right next to the ocean.


The next morning we woke up and the weather was pretty gloomy, the great ocean road is situated right at the bottom of Australia, so it’s the furthest away from the equator, I needed a hoody at times as it was pretty chilly. We headed down the great ocean road through the rainforests – we saw a few tropical birds, but unfortunately no wild koalas. It took about 3 hours to drive to Port Campbell which is where the famous apostles can be found. Seeing these was breathtaking, they will eventually all disappear due to the ocean wearing them down, so this makes you feel even more lucky to be in the presence of their natural beauty! It was too far to drive back to Melbourne that night, so we stopped off in the small seaside bay ‘Apollo bay’, the campsite was cheap (20 dollars) and there were plenty of shops and also restaurants with wifi, making it a great stop on the way back from the great ocean road.

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Due to the fact I have issues with grey skies, early the next morning we made our way back to Melbourne to chase the sunshine, stopping at the beach in Torquay for a bit of sunbathing – another great stop along the Great Ocean Road with a beautiful beach. We then went into the city centre again in the camper to take advantage of another of the great restaurants. Just a tip – if you are planning to drive into Melbourne city centre, make sure you go after 4pm, the daytime parking on weekdays is so expensive, I’m talking around 60 dollars to park for the day! If you park on a weekend or after 4pm, it will only cost a flat rate of around 12 dollars.

We had done a lot of travelling so the next day we decided to have a full beach day, heading to Elwood beach after recommendation from an aussie we met. It did not disappoint, we got there around 9am and there was no one on the beach. The water was crystal clear and the beach remained quiet all day, I would recommend this beach as the best one in the Melbourne area which we went to – I didn’t want to leave! But it’s time to start heading up the coast to Sydney and we have some exciting stops planned on the way 🙂

Bribed him with a football in return for a full days sunbathing 😂

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Have you been to Melbourne or The Great Ocean Road or planning to go? I would love to hear about it!

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