5 reasons to love Byron Bay

Byron bay was my favourite place that I’ve been to in Australia so far, and many people I have spoken to share the same view! Here’s 5 reasons why it’s so great…

1. The lighthouse views

The lighthouse is situated at the most easterly point of Australia, and the views are amazing. To make the most of the view we got up at 6am one morning and watched the sunrise there – the pictures speak for themselves!


2. The beaches

There are a few options in Byron, there is the main beach which is by all the shops and food places and brimming with young people and surfers, or there are smaller more secluded beaches ‘Wategos beach and ‘Little wategos beach’. Wategos beach is particularly cute and picturesque.


3. The amazing range of eating/drinking options

There are SO many nice food options in Byron that I found it impossible not to treat myself daily. It’s a pretty small town so you can stroll around the whole town in around 10 minutes and decide what you fancy. The Balcony Bar and Restaurant does an unreal steak, all 3 of us that had it agreed that it was up there with one of the best steaks we have had. We also had a great pizza at Il Buco, and a great burger at Zaza kebab. There are also plenty of healthy cafes, and all of the food places are small and very friendly and quirky. The range of bars is also great, we spent a Saturday night at ‘The Beach Hotel’ which is a large bar/club with a dj and big outside area which is great if you want dancing and a night out. We also spent an evening sat outside one of the bars on Jonson street listening to a live singer with a glass of wine – there’s something for everyone.


4. The infectious hippy vibes

As Byron Bay is so small, it’s hard to not let the infectious hippy vibe that runs throughout the town sweep over you. It’s a happy, chilled place with some wacky characters it reminded me of the Glastonbury atmosphere. There are loads of good street singers, and at one point we were stood watching one when a guy walked past with a curry – another guy said “please can I have some?” and then grabbed some curry and rice off the plate with his hands and ate it whilst he continued to dance, and the guy who’s curry it was then started offering it to everyone else!


5. The shops

There are so many nice boho boutiques in Byron selling nice crochet tops, jewellery and cute dresses and skirts. It took me a good few hours to walk around them all!

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