Finding paradise in Noosa

We had booked our Nomads Fraser Island tour (I will be writing a post about this shortly!) which departed from Noosa on the 6th April, so we arrived in Noosa on the 2nd April with 4 days to spend exploring this beautiful little town.

I loved Noosa as soon as we arrived:  there are palm trees everywhere and everyone was strolling around the town in bikinis, and the houses are just amazing. The fact that the national park and the beach are right by the town gives it a very beachy laid back feel.

The first thing we did was head to ‘Sunshine beach’ which is slightly out of the centre, but definitely worth a trip. It was a lot more quiet than Noosa main beach which was pretty packed – probably because the kids were off school for the Easter holidays. It’s a long stretch of beach with small sand dunes which are perfect for sunbathing in.


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The next day we headed to the National park, and what we found was the definition of paradise. We took the coastal walking track which took us approximately 45 minutes each way, and round every corner there was something amazing to look at. As you probably know by now I really appreciate a nice ocean and sand colour and all of these little bays were something special.


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The main attractions are the dolphin point, and the fairy pools. Once you get to dolphin point, you will most likely see a lot of people standing there gawping, and you are almost guaranteed to see dolphins. We went up there twice and saw them both times, the pictures below were the best I can get, they’re too fast to catch on camera!



Once we had stood and watched the dolphins for a while, we continued along the track in hunt of the famous Noosa fairy pools. They aren’t actually signposted, as they could be potentially dangerous as you have to climb down rocks to get to them. If you are interested in going, follow the coastal track to picnic cove, and then once you have past the picnic cove sign you will come to a bench, this marks the walk down to the pools. The walk isn’t too hard, we managed to get down there pretty quickly. The pool is beautiful to swim in, the water is pretty warm and it feels very peaceful having the whole pool to yourself.

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I can’t finish this post without mentioning the place that we ate 3 days out of 4 whilst we were in Noosa, as it was literally that good. I’m not that much of a burger person, but the burgers at Betty’s Burgers turned me, I couldn’t stop thinking about them to the point where we had to keep going back! If you go to Noosa, you HAVE to go! The burgers come with a ‘special sauce’ which they don’t specify the ingredients for, but I think this must be what makes them taste so good.

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I absolutely loved Noosa and will definitely be back even if just for a holiday, it makes for the perfect holiday destination! Either that or I will save up 1 mil and move into this house that I fell in love with :).

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Have you been to Noosa or planning to go? I would love to hear about it!

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