Sailing around the Whitsundays

The Whitsundays! Famous for the silica sand and arguably the most beautiful beach in the world, Whitehaven Beach.

We booked our trip through OzSail, and picked the Avatar boat, as we had heard it was the boat which got to Whitehaven Beach first in the morning, and that it was a mixture of a chilled/party boat. We spent 2 days and 2 days sailing around the Whitsunday islands. This photo of our captain Sam pretty much sums up the crew on board the boat! Everyone was up for a laugh and a great time was had.


The first day was more chilled and we didn’t really do that much, just sailed around and soaked up the sunshine on the boat and went for a walk on one of the islands. In the evening we had dinner which is cooked for you on board and everyone took full advantage of golden hour and had a few cups of goon (you’re allowed to bring as much as you want on the boat!). Then relaxed under the stars and even saw a few shooting ones! We were told to go to bed before midnight because the next day we would be up at 6am in order to be the first ones to get to Whitehaven beach. Yes those pod things below are the beds!!!!!!



The next morning we woke up to Sam dressed as a pirate (he seriously loves his job which is amazing) and off we went to Whitehaven beach, with our cameras at the ready. But we weren’t allowed onto the beach until we had had our topless photo behind the sign, obvs.


The sand felt like actual powder on your feet and the colour of the ocean is so blue, it is actual paradise.


Processed with VSCO with a8 presetProcessed with VSCO with a8 presetProcessed with VSCO with a8 preset

After this we went snorkelling off Hayman Island and saw LOADS of tropical fish, some really big. Luca one of the crew members on the boat kept throwing bread to where we were swimming so that hundreds of fish swam and flapped round you.

The evening was then upon us, and there was the most beautiful pink sunset – sunsets over the ocean are just the best. Our dinner was served and then everyone played drinking games all evening and it was pretty boozy.


This trip was amazing! I would definitely recommend going on Avatar if you are planning on going to the Whitsundays, not just because you will get to the beach first which means you won’t have heaps of people in your photos, but because the crew are so out there and so much fun.

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