10 ways to save money (but still live well) whilst backpacking Australia

1. Use free campsites

There are loads around! We used Wiki camps which shows you on a map the nearest campsites, prices and recent comments from fellow travellers. Some are better than others but you can usually tell by the comments whether it’s going to be good or not. If I’m honest I didn’t want to stay in the free campsites too often, but if you wanted to stay in them every night you could. If you choose to pay for them you can again use Wiki camps and you can find nice campsites with a kitchen and hot showers for around 20 dollars.


   2. Eat dominos

Dominos is SO cheap over here! It costs 5 dollars for a regular 12 inch pizza, which is about 3 pound!!!

  3. Drink goon

Goon is also very cheap, and surprisingly nice – I bought the fruity white wine and really liked it. It costs 12 dollars for a box of 4 litres of wine (about 4 bottles), so that’s about 1-2 pound a litre!

 4. Go out for lunch instead of dinner

It’s cheaper to get a nice meal out on a lunchtime deal at lunchtime than it is to go for dinner. Shop around for lunchtime deals and you will find something nice and reasonable. Then you can treat yourself to an amazing evening meal out every now and again 😀

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset
Betty’s Burgers – Noosa, these Burgers were 10 dollars and they were out of this world!

 5. Find fun, free things to do

There are loads of amazing places to visit that don’t cost anything. A few good examples of this are most beaches, most waterfalls and some national parks.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset
Wallaman falls – Townsville

6. Use McDonalds wifi

Every backpacker in Australia knows that McDonalds wifi is the best, and it’s free! However it has cost me a lifelong addiction to chocolate milkshakes :/

7. Take your own drink to restaurants

This is one that I found really strange at first, and I’m still not quite used to it. Loads of the restaurants don’t serve alcohol and ask you to bring your own, which is quite weird, but I guess it works out cheaper!

8. Book trips in a bundle

This was a mistake we made. We didn’t book our trips in a bundle, we booked them all separately as and when we decided we wanted to do them throughout the trip, but we spoke to loads of people who booked theirs in a bundle through a travel shop and got discounted prices.

9. Buy a re-usable water bottle

There are free drinking water taps pretty much everywhere and the water is safe to drink, so buy a re-usable bottle and fill it up instead of spending 3 dollars every time you want a bottle of water.

10. Look for free/cheap showers

If you choose to stay in a free campsite one night, you may want to find a shower beforehand as most don’t have them. There are free showers by most beaches, and most BP garages offer a shower for 2-3 dollars.

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