How to save money to travel

For me, seeing the world is and always has been a huge priority and something that I feel I have to do otherwise I will always regret it. Some people think that travelling the world is a waste of money but personally I couldn’t think of any other way I would rather spend my money than to explore every corner of this beautiful world that we live in and create memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

So, I had to save to make it happen! As well as saving for a house because lets be honest at 24 I’m getting on a little bit and I don’t want to get home to no savings. I’ve had a few people ask me to write a blog post about how I managed to save to go travelling, and how much money I took with me etc, so I’m going to do my best!

I’ve spent the past 2 years saving to travel, and it has been hard at times. I was a lot more boring than I would have been if I wasn’t saving and I was normally skint by the 2nd week of the month because I was putting a lot of my money away. You have to try and stay really focused and just remember that it will all be worth it in the end!

Tips for saving

Know the goal you want to achieve

Look at what you could realistically save and then look at where you could go and what you could do with the money you can save. Once you have an idea of where you are aiming to go it will become more real and you can begin doing research which will get you more excited and determined to save.

Create a plan

The next step is to create an actionable plan on how you are going to reach your goal. Look at your monthly income and expenditure and come up with an amount which you are going to save into your travel fund every month. Also look at anything else which you can cut down on such as spending money on lunches when you could make lunch and take it to work etc.

Stick to it!

This is the hardest part. There are going to be constant temptations, and some of them you are going to have to turn down as otherwise your travel fund is going to suffer. I was bad at this at times and ended up selling stuff to make up the money I had lost to my temptation to go out as I would be so annoyed with myself if I didn’t save the amount I wanted to every month.

Other top tips

  • See if you have anything you can sell online to make extra money. If you follow me on social media you probably would have seen me selling a lot of my clothes on depop the month before I left to travel haha
  • Live at home if you can whilst you are saving to avoid paying too much rent
  • Use your skills to do freelance work on top of your day job to bring in extra money. I do freelance digital marketing work in my free time, my website for this is coming soon! P.s If you know anyone who needs help with digital marketing for their business please send them my way (shameless plug)
  • Try and cut down on money spent on food!

How much will you need?

Australia is probably the most expensive to travel which is why I chose to do it first. I spent around £1500 per month – you can read my blog post about how to save money whilst backpacking in Australia here. I did the East Coast of Australia in 2 months, which I would say is the perfect amount of time. This monthly spend isn’t including flights or the rental of the campervan, flights were around £500 (one way), and the campervan was about £800 each for the 2 months. So it’s a total of around £5000 to travel the East coast of Australia – if you want to do all the trips etc.

Next I am planning to travel New Zealand, Fiji, Bali, The Phillipines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. This will be a longer trip, probably about 4-5 months, so I’m going to try and take around £7000 for this trip. The reason for this being that the majority of this trip will be spent in Asia which is really cheap to travel, but I will still need quite a lot for NZ and flights etc and obviously 4-5 months is quite a long time. I’m currently living in Australia working to save for this, Australia is a good place to save because the pay is high – even if you just work in a bar you will probably make more than you were at home as the minimum wage is a lot higher.

Thanks for reading 🙂 Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post! If you liked it please like and share below!

Do you have any more tips or any questions? I would love to hear them!

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