Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m Helena and I’m a sunshine, adventure and fashion obsessed 25 year old sharing my adventures as I cure a bad case of wanderlust and visit as many places in the world as possible. I am from Bristol in the UK, and am currently travelling Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Asia.

I’m not travelling alone, I’m travelling with my boyfriend Andy who after 3 years of hearing me bang on about how we need to see the world whilst we’re young otherwise we will always regret it, decided he was in for the ride.

The purpose of this site is to have a space on the internet where I can write about our experiences, the amazing places that we have found along the way, and give inspiration and travel tips to anyone who is thinking of  heading out to see the world (or just fill my Mum in on what we’ve been doing if no one else reads this :)) . I will also be posting fashion/lifestyle blog posts and of course lots of pictures!

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